Home Schooling

Girl at home writing in a homework book.

Home Schooling Support

What is home schooling?

Home education or home schooling is when parents choose to educate their child at home instead of sending them to school. Parents choose what their child will learn and how it will be taught. Parents can educate their child themselves, get professional help from tutors, or a combination of the two.

How can Forging Roots Education help with home schooling?

We are pleased to support families who home educate their children. We are here to help parents who may need some guidance on teaching approaches, strategies and lesson content, parents who may lack the confidence to teach certain subjects, parents who may need support with writing their home school curriculum or parents who may need the support of an experienced teacher to supplement their teaching. We are here to meet your child’s needs and to ensure that your child is not missing out on crucial aspects of their learning.

What do we offer?

As a qualified and experienced teacher with over 8 years experience as a home school educator Kristy offers primary level subjects for any age student. Kristy offers flexibility with home school sessions in terms of duration, whether it be a few hours a week to several days a week; subject areas; and timetable. Contact us to discuss your needs and ideas.

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