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Picture showing concrete modelling of a problem (blocks and plastic coins); pictorial representation (bar model); and abstract representation (equation)

A Maths Mastery Method

What is Maths Mastery?

Maths is difficult because it is abstract. At Forging Roots Education we use a Maths Mastery method which begins by using concrete, multi-sensory materials to model problems. Next, we represent these materials with pictures and diagrams. Finally, we move to the abstract where numbers and symbols are used to make an equation to represent a problem.

How do we teach using a Maths Mastery Method?

We break down concepts into small steps and provide repetition with variety so that students can apply and generalise their knowledge to a range of contexts to gain procedural fluency and a holistic understanding.

We spend significant time on developing strong knowledge of the foundations of maths and key ideas that are needed to underpin future learning. Connections within maths are emphasised, so that students develop deep learning. Students are encouraged to look for patterns and relationships, think mathematically and talk about their findings.

In order to reduce the demand on students’ memory to free up more space for the learning of new concepts, we also focus on learning to automaticity key facts such as times tables, number bonds and addition facts.


National Centre of Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics

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