9 online maths manipulatives to help your child with maths difficulties

For students who are experiencing difficulties in maths, hands-on, physical manipulatives should be the go-to, as they help make abstract maths concrete. However, some of these physical objects can be expensive, hard to source or consist of small pieces that are easily lost. This is where virtual manipulatives come in. “Virtual manipulatives are … a dynamic visual…

Foundational maths: The 5 steps to problem solving

There are 5 steps to problem solving, and these steps can be taught to younger children and students with special learning needs. Therefore, these steps can be applied to statistics lessons in the foundational level as well as more advanced levels. They can built upon, and used with greater independence as your student progresses through…

Foundational maths: The 5 key measure concepts your child needs to learn

Foundational maths are the early learning concepts a child should develop before moving to more advanced, formal maths. Students with additional learning needs, despite having many years of maths lessons, are especially at risk of not absorbing and understanding the basics. The basics of maths are the foundations on which further concepts are built. The…


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