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Maths Tutoring

Is your child falling behind in maths or have they lost their confidence?

Does your child still count on their fingers instead of using more efficient methods?

Does your child really understand what they are doing and why in maths? Can they transfer their knowledge to another situation?

multi-sensory materials for maths tutoring in melbourne

Maths Tutoring in Melbourne

Our highly experienced tutor provides maths tutoring in Melbourne for students with difficulties. We also provide targeted support for students with dyscalculia. At Forging Roots Education we use a Maths Mastery method of teaching maths. Mastering maths involves acquiring a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject. Solid understanding of maths concepts enables students to move on to more advanced material with greater ease. A Maths Mastery approach helps your child learn to believe that by working hard at maths they can succeed.

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CPA: Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract

Maths is difficult because it is abstract. Our Maths Mastery sessions begin by using concrete, multi-sensory materials to model problems so that your child can ‘see’ and make sense of maths concepts. Next, they will represent these materials with pictures and diagrams. Finally, they will move to the abstract where they will use numbers and symbols to make an equation to represent a problem.

How will a maths tutor help my child with maths difficulties?

We teach new concepts systematically so that your child learns each small, connected step. We provide repetition with variety so that your child can apply and generalise their knowledge to a range of contexts. This helps them gain procedural fluency and a holistic understanding.

Your child will spend significant time developing a strong knowledge of the foundations of maths and key ideas that are needed to underpin future learning. We emphasise connections within maths, so that your child develops deep learning. Your child will be encouraged to look for patterns and relationships, think mathematically and talk about their findings. Maths will be thought about, reasoned with, and discussed.

Your child will focus on learning to automaticity key facts such as times tables, number bonds and addition facts. This helps to reduce the demand on their memory and to free up more space for the learning of new concepts.

After working with this approach, you will see an improvement in your child’s understanding and maths abilities in school.


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