What are early mathematical concepts?

Early mathematical concepts are the knowledge and skills that your child or student should have before moving on to formal maths. Consider them to be the foundations of a house. Before the walls, windows, and roof can be installed, the foundation and framework must be stable.

The concepts depicted here form the foundation of number sense. These ideas underpin key number concepts including place value, comprehending and using large numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Your young child or student with additional educational needs or developmental delay will benefit from participating in activities that focus on these concepts. Repetition is a great way to reinforce their learning. To deepen their learning, provide a variety of activities that focus on the same concept.

Work on the above skills with your child or student to lay a solid foundation for future maths learning. To lay a solid foundation in all maths strands work on these early measurement concepts and these early geometry concepts.

To ensure that learning is meaningful, provide hands on materials or use these online maths manipulatives, repetition with variety, and incorporate real-life situations that are relevant to them.

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