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Tutoring for Special Needs Students Melbourne

Does your child have learning difficulties?

Get support that works

Is your child struggling at school? Have they lost confidence or motivation to learn?

Is the mainstream classroom too faced-paced to deal appropriately with your child’s barriers to learning? Or have you employed other tutors only to find they did not have the expertise you need, resulting in lost time and money?

Would you love to see your child feel valued and inspired to learn?

We can help.

Forging Roots Education is founded by a learning difficulties specialist. Our multi-sensory, evidence based programmes are individualised and targeted to each student. Let our expertise boost your child’s confidence and skills. Let us help your child achieve their potential today.

Give your child support that works.

Tutoring for students with learning difficulties in Melbourne

Forging Roots Education provides targeted face to face and online tutoring for children and adults with special needs, learning difficulties or disabilities. We also deliver educational therapy for plan managed and self-managed NDIS participants.

We create bespoke Maths and Literacy programmes for:

  • Neurotypical students
  • Students with ADHD
  • Students with complex communication needs who use AAC.
  • Students with dyscalculia
  • Dyspraxic students

In addition, we provide educational support for parents. This can include curriculum writing and development, advice and strategies for the home. Whatever your needs, we can create the perfect learning programme for your child.

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We offer bespoke, specialised education tailored to suit your child’s special needs. Our programmes and sessions cater to your child’s particular strengths and areas of development. Appropriate, individualised support helps your child reach their full potential in life.


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Forging Roots Education is founded by a qualified, professional and highly experienced special needs teacher. We are up-to-date with the latest curriculum and methods of learning. Our programmes and sessions are carefully planned and organised. This ensures that your child will feel appropriately challenged yet supported.


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Developing a good relationship with students is paramount to their success. We create a happy, safe and nurturing environment because it lets your child feel valued and inspired to learn. A warm, approachable, patient and understanding teacher gives your child the confidence to thrive. We work collaboratively with families because we value strong communication between teacher, student and parent.

Build strong roots for learning

We work to establish a strong foundation of skills, knowledge and confidence in your child. This will ensure that the building blocks for their future learning are secure. We then extend these foundations to enable your child to become a lifelong, independent learner and reach their full potential.

Why choose us?

High Quality Specialist Tutoring

  • Targeted one-to-one support from a specialist special needs tutor
  • Flexible learning catered to your child’s preferred learning style
  • Ambitious with high expectations
  • Meticulous assessment of your child’s learning that picks up on misconceptions in their knowledge
  • Progress is reviewed regularly
  • Advice on practical strategies to support learners in the home

Effective Teaching Strategies

  • Effective, appropriate and evidence based teaching strategies
  • Strength-based approach, positive feedback and encouragement to build your child’s confidence and self-esteem
  • Multi-sensory learning and practical based sessions that are fun and engaging
  • Concepts are broken down into small, manageable steps
  • Language and vocabulary around Maths and English is taught and explored

Educational Progress

We will inspire and develop a confident and secure student, motivated to learn and excited by their education ahead. Our extensive experience in teaching students with learning difficulties means we are able to pinpoint where difficulties lie in your child and the steps needed to address them. This ensures that they make the very best progress and grow in confidence, as well as ability. We will support your child to gain lifelong strategies that can help them cope with their learning difficulties.

Special Needs Tutoring in Melbourne

Unlocking your child’s true potential

About Us

Kristy (B.Ed, M.A) is a qualified and highly experienced special needs teacher who has 16 years of teaching experience in the U.K and Australia. Kristy specialises in teaching students with learning difficulties such as neurodiverse students and students with neurological disorders. She also specialises in teaching neurotypical children with difficulties in literacy and mathematics.

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Working with Children Check: 2129452A-01

Australian Tutoring Association (ATA) membership number: 20210032

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