Kristy has been a “sliding doors moment” for our 9yo ADHD/Dyslexic/Dyscalculia daughter.

I can speak to the obvious, which is that our daughter instantly warmed to her, engages SO well during the sessions, learns so much, and feels celebrated at every point throughout her sessions with Kristy.

But the happy side bonus to all of that? Kristy teaches in a way that celebrates differently wired brains, not just through Kristy’s natural ability to do so … but because she has dedicated her career [and studied extensively re: differently wired kids] to teaching our kids information they *want* to know [but can’t always understand in a mainstream setting].

And the happiest side bonus from all of that? Our daughter has gone from being told she may need to repeat her grade, to now being in the top 3% of her grade [we cried when we received her school report].

Kristy has been the best investment for our little family: we don’t care for “top 3%” type stuff to be honest — all we wanted was for our daughter’s self-esteem to improve, and for her to stop coming home from school in TEARS and saying “I am so dumb” and “I hate myself” [heartbreaking and heartwrenching for ANY parent].

Thanks to Kristy, she now realises she’s different, NOT less [and simply learns differently to others].

We have our happy little girl back, and she is such an engaged learner, and understands maths in a way that celebrates her unique brain 🙂

Mother of 9 year old child with Dyscalculia and ADHD.

Kristy has been such a fantastic tutor for our son. She has been working with us since September 2019. She is patient, kind and clear in addition to being a strong subject matter expert. She is able to flex her technique for him as he navigates obstacles given his need to process information differently. She also has a way of making the topics fun and she has figured how to appeal to his competitive nature! She has been a solid partner through this difficult period where all of his classes are virtual. He has gone from strength to strength under her tutelage and we are grateful for all of her help.

Mother of 10 year old child.

Kristy somehow makes maths fun and less scary for my son which has been a huge relief, he actually enjoys the sessions! I’ve noticed his confidence grow, he no longer acts defeated when presented with a math problem but rather, thinks logically on how to approach it. He’s making rational assessments rather than emotional ones and since it’s only been a short while we’ve been seeing Kristy I can definitely give my full recommendation.

Mother of year 7 student with ADHD.

My son was diagnosed with Dyscalculia almost a year ago but with Kristy’s help my son is really excelling. My son is now confident with maths and we are seeing an improvement in school. Kristy is so passionate about her job. My son looks forward to the sessions. I would definitely recommend Kristy as she is so passionate about helping children and making a difference.

With Kristy’s help there has been vast improvement in subjects covered especially Maths where we have seen a remarkable difference. He has made so much progress with Kristy. We thank you for all your help and support .

Mother of 7 year old child with Dyscalculia.

Forging Roots offer a free trial which I found handy as its all about connection for my child. And a patient tutor she is, and will pull out all the stops to ensure your child is taught in a way that they understand. In a short space of time my child’s engagement and confidence has increased, teacher is noticing a difference. Four sessions with the tutor my child received student of the week because my child started to put their hand up due to new found confidence. My ASD child has a S.L.D.

Mother of grade 4 student with ASD.

Kristy is a highly qualified and experienced teacher and tutor. She has a track record of success in transforming children’s relationship with education.

My two children struggle with literacy and numeracy and were falling behind at school until Kristy started tutoring for us. She has given both children a much firmer foundation in the fundamental principles of literacy and numeracy than they were able to achieve at school.

Kristy is a holistic practitioner who is able to work with a broad spectrum of SEN and can also help with diagnosis.

Father of two children aged 5 and 10 years old.

My son seems so much more confident, just in the way he speaks about maths and his participation in class.

Mother of 9 year old child.

My daughter has taken to bouncing out of your sessions telling me how much she loves maths.

Mother of 12 year old child.

We feel very fortunate to have found Kristy, who has been working with our two children (now aged 11 and 13) for over 5 years – mainly on maths, but she has also done some literacy / fine motor work with our son particularly.  Kristy is reliable, friendly and kind – and hits the right balance between encouragement and expectation with both children (who have very different personalities).  She is analytical and imaginative in terms of understanding and meeting each individual child’s needs / priorities and learning style, plus very willing to work in partnership with us as parents.  Both children like spending time with Kristy and have made excellent progress, in terms of both skills and confidence, with her support.

Mother of two children aged 11 and 13 years old.

Kristy is doing a wonderful job of improving our son’s confidence in maths. She is always friendly, calm and patient and has a great ability to challenge him without escalating stress levels (quite a skill!!). She has a clear plan each session and lots of great tools to help with understanding. Kristy has also worked with with our son’s school and team of allied health professionals which has been helpful in maintaining consistency in teaching approaches. I highly recommend Kristy as a tutor.

Mother of grade 6 child with autism.

I was very impressed with Kristy’s lesson and found her to be very engaging and patient. I can’t wait for my son to work with her in the near future. 

Mother of 9 year old child with ADHD.

Forging Roots Education offered free trial to my kids and Kristy is a fantastic teacher. She is particularly adept at dealing with young kids and she quickly established a trust relationship with the kid. I am very happy with the progress and would highly recommend Forging Roots to improve the gaps in your kids learning.

Mother of two children with autism.

Kristy has been really helpful for my daughter who had difficulties in grasping knowledge in English. She is very engaging, patient and put a lot of thought in to her lessons. My daughter really looks forward to the class every week. Really pleased about the progress my daughter has made and would recommend the lessons to any one who wants to see improvement in their children’s education.

Mother of grade 3 child.

Kristy is an extremely skilled and professional tutor who helped my daughter enormously. She inspired confidence and enthusiasm which made it a lot easier for my daughter to absorb the information. I highly recommend her.

Mother of grade 2 child.

Kristy has been working with my son for almost a year now and in this time he has flourished! He is loving to read a lot more and his comprehension has improved and continues to do so. He is really taking on board her instructions when it comes to his writing as well. Thanks Kristy 🙂

Mother of grade 4 child with autism.

Kristy’s sessions with my son have been fabulous. She keeps sessions interactive and fun. Very happy with the service we are receiving! His teachers said they have seen his maths improve considerably and his confidence. 

Mother of grade 6 child.

Kristy has been fantastic for our child who requires additional tutoring in numeracy. They have been working with Kristy for 12 months online and during that time Kristy has been able to focus on fundamental skills that require development at a pace that suits our child’s needs. Kristy is very personable and creates a positive learning environment, using manipulatives and visuals which are important for grasping concepts. She works on areas the classroom is focusing on and spends additional time on areas of need based on school reports and her own assessments. Our child is happy to attend the sessions and finishes sessions feeling confident to use the skills they are gaining that work for them in the classroom. We could not recommend Kristy more highly for students that require additional help.

Mother of grade 6 child with specific learning needs in maths

Kristy somehow makes maths fun and less scary for my son which has been a huge relief, he actually enjoys the sessions! I’ve noticed his confidence grow, he no longer acts defeated when presented with a math problem but rather, thinks logically on how to approach it. He’s making rational assessments rather than emotional ones and since it’s only been a short while we’ve been seeing Kristy I can definitely give my full recommendation.

Mother of year 7 child with ADHD.

Kristy is very thorough and took the time to work out our daughter’s needs and tailor the tutoring accordingly. She is patient, organised and responsive. Our daughter is always happy and willing to participate. We highly recommend Kristy’s tutoring services.

Father of grade 6 student.

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Kristy (B.Ed, M.A) is a qualified and highly experienced special needs teacher who has over 18 years of teaching experience in the U.K and Australia. Kristy specialises in teaching students with learning difficulties such as neurodiverse students and students with neurological disorders. She also specialises in teaching neurotypical children with difficulties in literacy and mathematics.

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