Foundational maths: The 5 key measure concepts your child needs to learn

Foundational maths are the early learning concepts a child should develop before moving to more advanced, formal maths. Students with additional learning needs, despite having many years of maths lessons, are especially at risk of not absorbing and understanding the basics. The basics of maths are the foundations on which further concepts are built.

The foundational maths concepts depicted here form the building blocks of measurement learning. These key measurement concepts are built upon as your student progresses through their education journey.

These key concepts should be taught, recapped, and reinforced through lots of different concrete experiences. Repeated independent practice gives your student lots of opportunities for over-learning which reduces reliance on the memorisation of facts.

Relate these concepts to everyday situations and other areas of the curriculum so your student can see how maths is relevant and how it can be applied. Using real objects and materials helps consolidate learning through a range of sensory channels.

infographic depicting foundational maths concepts in measurement

Work on these skills with your child or student to lay the foundations for future measurement learning. In addition, work on these early number concepts and these early geometry concepts to ensure that your student has a strong foundation in all maths strands.

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