The 4 early maths concepts your child needs to learn: Geometry

Early maths concepts are the skills and understandings that your child or student should have before moving on to formal maths. They are the building blocks for future learning so must be secure before more advanced learning happens.

The maths concepts depicted here form the foundation of geometry learning. These key geometry concepts are built upon as your child progresses through their education journey.

Understanding geometry involves abstract thinking, so for early learners and learners with special educational needs, it is important that early geometry work involves concrete experiences. These experiences should be interactive and manipulative and involve as many senses as possible. This will ensure that learning is pitched at the proper level.

infographic depicting early maths concepts in geometry

Provide hands-on materials, varied repetition, and real-life scenarios that are relevant to your child or student. This will ensure that learning is meaningful.

Work on these skills with your child or student to lay the foundations for future geometry learning. To lay the foundations in all maths strands, work on these early number concepts, these early measure concepts and use these online maths manipulatives.

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