10 Tips to Help Students with their Writing Skills

A struggling writer may be having difficulties with any of the following writing skills: forming ideas, planning, organising, selecting and using language, transcribing, spelling, knowledge of grammar and sentence structure, and revising. Or, they may be struggling with the physical act of writing or typing. Students with difficulties such as these would benefit from additional support. Here are some tips to help removeContinue reading “10 Tips to Help Students with their Writing Skills”

What causes reading comprehension problems?

In this post we will discuss what causes reading comprehension problems. We will argue that comprehension problems are caused by poor oral language skills and discuss two of those skills- semantics and grammar. Poor oral language skills can also impact word reading development, which we discuss in another post. What is semantics? Learning words involvesContinue reading “What causes reading comprehension problems?”

How oral language skills impact reading development

In this post we will discuss how poor oral language skills can cause word reading difficulties. We will discuss two oral language skills specifically: phonological processing and vocabulary knowledge. Oral language skills also cause reading comprehension problems. We discuss this in another post. Word reading and oral language skills: Phonological awareness and decoding Phonological awarenessContinue reading “How oral language skills impact reading development”